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January 2009
Dear fellow members,

Since established in 2003, the Korea Institute of ITA(KIITA) has grown remarkably in size and its performance. The last year 2006 was very meaningful and fruitful. The second international conference of ITA was held in Seoul, Korea. The conference was supported by many government agencies and private enterprises, including MIC(Ministry of information and Communication), NCA(National Computerization agencies), SDS(Samsung Data System) and many others. ITA experts from other countries such as USA, China, Japan willingly participated sessions of various topics, and enjoyed mutual interactions with other experts.? We believe the conference was very successful and fruitful to all participants.
From the beginning, KIITA has published a bi-annual academic journal focused on ITA. The journal is still in its infancy, but is drawing more attention from researchers as well as practitioners. All members and ITA experts are urged to submit papers to the journal for just his/her own interest and also for the advance of ITA discipline.
KIITA has been dedicated to do research on ITA theories and principles, and also develop practical methods and applications of ITA to real enterprises. We believe ITA is to improve enterprise performance by proper using of IT. ITA is not just a technical information system, but is an integrated IT management, which includes various disciplines such as performance management, strategic management, business process management, and information technology, among others. This is the reason why KIITA is trying to pull researchers of diverse backgrounds. I would like to see more researches and practitioners join the KIITA and enrich its contents and quality.
This year, we will have the third International ITA conference, in Seoul. The third international conference will be sponsored by many government agencies and private enterprises. We expect more participants join the conference. More mature and advanced ITA topics will be presented and discussed. Please feel free to visit the conference web pages and make sure pre-register for your seat. I look forward to seeing you in the conference.

In closing, I wish you all a very happy and productive New Year.

Juhn, Sung-Hyun
Korea Institute of Enterprise Architecture



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